Administering Sessions

If you go to the Sessions left menu item you can see a top level view of the number of sessions that are currently active in the realm.



A list of clients is given and how many active sessions there currently are for that client. You can also logout all users in the realm by clicking the Logout all button on the right side of this list.

Logout All Limitations

Any SSO cookies set will now be invalid and clients that request authentication in active browser sessions will now have to re-login. Only certain clients are notified of this logout event, specifically clients that are using the Keycloak OIDC client adapter. Other client types (i.e. SAML) will not receive a backchannel logout request.

It is important to note that any outstanding access tokens are not revoked by clicking Logout all. They have to expire naturally. You have to push a revocation policy out to clients, but that also only works with clients using the Keycloak OIDC client adapter.

Application Drilldown

On the Sessions page, you can also drill down to each client. This will bring you to the Sessions tab of that client. Clicking on the Show Sessions button there allows you to see which users are logged into that application.

Application Sessions


User Drilldown

If you go to the Sessions tab of an individual user, you can also view the session information.

User Sessions