Client Suggested Identity Provider

OIDC applications can bypass the Keycloak login page by specifying a hint on which identity provider they want to use.

This is done by setting the kc_idp_hint query parameter in the Authorization Code Flow authorization endpoint.

Keycloak OIDC client adapters also allow you to specify this query parameter when you access a secured resource at the application.

For example

GET / HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost:8080

In this case, is expected that your realm has an identity provider with an alias facebook. If this provider doesn’t exist the login form will be displayed.

If you are using keycloak.js adapter, you can also achieve the same behavior:

var keycloak = new Keycloak('keycloak.json');

	idpHint: 'facebook'

The kc_idp_hint query parameter also allows the client to override the default identity provider if one is configured for the Identity Provider Redirector authenticator. The client can also disable the automatic redirecting by setting the kc_idp_hint query parameter to an empty value.