Openshift Online is currently in the developer preview mode. This documentation has been based on on-premise installations and local minishift development environment.

There are a just a few steps you have to complete to be able to login to OpenShift. First, go to the Identity Providers left menu item and select Openshift from the Add provider drop down list. This will bring you to the Add identity provider page.

Add Identity Provider


Registering OAuth client

You can register your client using oc command line tool.

$ oc create -f <(echo '
kind: OAuthClient
apiVersion: v1
 name: kc-client (1)
secret: "..." (2)
 - "" (3)
grantMethod: prompt (4)
  1. The name of your OAuth client. Passed as client_id request parameter when making requests to <openshift_master>/oauth/authorize and <openshift_master>/oauth/token.

  2. secret is used as the client_secret request parameter.

  3. The redirect_uri parameter specified in requests to <openshift_master>/oauth/authorize and <openshift_master>/oauth/token must be equal to (or prefixed by) one of the URIs in redirectURIs.

  4. The grantMethod is used to determine what action to take when this client requests tokens and has not yet been granted access by the user.

Use client ID and secret defined by oc create command to enter them back on the Keycloak Add identity provider page. Go back to Keycloak and specify those items.

Please refer to official Openshift documentation for more detailed guides.