Installing the Client Adapter

Download the Wildfly distribution and unzip it into a directory on your machine.

Next download the WildFly OpenID Connect adapter distribution from

Unzip this file into the root directory of your Wildfly distribution.

Next perform the following actions:

WildFly 10 and Linux/Unix
$ cd bin
$ ./ --file=adapter-install-offline.cli
WildFly 10 and Windows
> cd bin
> jboss-cli.bat --file=adapter-install-offline.cli
Wildfly 11 and Linux/Unix
$ cd bin
$ ./ --file=adapter-elytron-install-offline.cli
Wildfly 11 and Windows
> cd bin
> jboss-cli.bat --file=adapter-elytron-install-offline.cli

This script will make the appropriate edits to the …​/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml file of your app server distribution. Finally, boot the application server.

$ .../bin/
> ...\bin\standalone.bat