Export and Import Authorization Configuration

The configuration settings for a resource server (or client) can be exported and downloaded. You can also import an existing configuration file for a resource server. Importing and exporting a configuration file is helpful when you want to create an initial configuration for a resource server or to update an existing configuration. The configuration file contains definitions for:

  • Protected resources and scopes

  • Policies

  • Permissions

Exporting a Configuration File

To export a configuration file, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Resource Server Settings page.

    Resource Server Settings

    Resource Server Settings

  2. On this page, in the Export Settings section, click Export.

    Export Settings

    Export Settings

The configuration file is exported in JSON format and displayed in a text area, from which you can copy and paste. You can also click Download to download the configuration file and save it.

Importing a Configuration File

To import a configuration file for a resource server, click Select file to select a file containing the configuration you want to import.