Master Realm Access Control

The master realm in Keycloak is a special realm and treated differently than other realms. Users in the Keycloak master realm can be granted permission to manage zero or more realms that are deployed on the Keycloak server. When a realm is created, Keycloak automatically creates various roles that grant fine-grain permissions to access that new realm. Access to The Admin Console and Admin REST endpoints can be controlled by mapping these roles to users in the master realm. It’s possible to create multiple super users, as well as users that can only manage specific realms.

Global Roles

There are two realm-level roles in the master realm. These are:

  • admin

  • create-realm

Users with the admin role are super users and have full access to manage any realm on the server. Users with the create-realm role are allowed to create new realms. They will be granted full access to any new realm they create.

Realm Specific Roles

Admin users within the master realm can be granted management privileges to one or more other realms in the system. Each realm in Keycloak is represented by a client in the master realm. The name of the client is <realm name>-realm. These clients each have client-level roles defined which define varying level of access to manage an individual realm.

The roles available are:

  • view-realm

  • view-users

  • view-clients

  • view-events

  • manage-realm

  • manage-users

  • create-client

  • manage-clients

  • manage-events

  • view-identity-providers

  • manage-identity-providers

  • impersonation

Assign the roles you want to your users and they will only be able to use that specific part of the administration console.