Jetty 8.1.x Adapter

Keycloak has a separate adapter for Jetty 8.1.x that you will have to install into your Jetty installation. You then have to provide some extra configuration in each WAR you deploy to Jetty. Let’s go over these steps.

Adapter Installation

Adapters are no longer included with the appliance or war distribution.Each adapter is a separate download on the Keycloak download site. They are also available as a maven artifact.

You must unzip the Jetty 8.1.x distro into Jetty 8.1.x’s root directory. Including adapter’s jars within your WEB-INF/lib directory will not work!

$ unzip

Next, you will have to enable the keycloak option. Edit start.ini and add keycloak to the options

# Start classpath OPTIONS.
# These control what classes are on the classpath
# for a full listing do
#   java -jar start.jar --list-options
Required Per WAR Configuration

Enabling Keycloak for your WARs is the same as the Jetty 9.x adapter. Our 8.1.x adapter supports both keycloak.json and the jboss-web.xml advanced configuration. See Required Per WAR Configuration