mod_auth_openidc Apache HTTPD Module

The mod_auth_openidc is an Apache HTTP plugin for OpenID Connect. If your language/environment supports using Apache HTTPD as a proxy, then you can use mod_auth_openidc to secure your web application with OpenID Connect. Configuration of this module is beyond the scope of this document. Please see the mod_auth_openidc Github repo for more details on configuration.

To configure mod_auth_openidc you’ll need

  • The client_id.

  • The client_secret.

  • The redirect_uri to your application.

  • The Keycloak openid-configuration url

  • mod_auth_openidc specific Apache HTTPD module config.

An example configuration would look like the following.

LoadModule auth_openidc_module modules/

ServerName ${HOSTIP}

<VirtualHost *:80>

    ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
    DocumentRoot /var/www/html

    #this is required by mod_auth_openidc
    OIDCCryptoPassphrase a-random-secret-used-by-apache-oidc-and-balancer

    OIDCProviderMetadataURL ${KC_ADDR}/auth/realms/${KC_REALM}/.well-known/openid-configuration

    OIDCClientSecret ${CLIENT_SECRET}
    OIDCRedirectURI http://${HOSTIP}/${CLIENT_APP_NAME}/redirect_uri

    # maps the prefered_username claim to the REMOTE_USER environment variable
    OIDCRemoteUserClaim preferred_username

    <Location /${CLIENT_APP_NAME}/>
        AuthType openid-connect
        Require valid-user

Further information on how to configure mod_auth_openidc can be found on the mod_auth_openidc project page.