Creating Resource-Based Permissions

A resource-based permission defines a set of one or more resources to protect using a set of one or more authorization policies.

To create a new resource-based permission, select Resource-based in the dropdown list in the upper right corner of the permission listing.

Add Resource-Based Permission

Add Resource-Based Permission


  • Name

    A human-readable and unique string describing the permission. A best practice is to use names that are closely related to your business and security requirements, so you can identify them more easily.

  • Description

    A string containing details about this permission.

  • Apply To Resource Type

    Specifies if the permission is applied to all resources with a given type. When selecting this field, you are prompted to enter the resource type to protect.

    • Resource Type

      Defines the resource type to protect. When defined, this permission is evaluated for all resources matching that type.

  • Resources

    Defines a set of one or more resources to protect.

  • Apply Policy

    Defines a set of one or more policies to associate with a permission.

  • Decision Strategy

    The Decision Strategy for this permission.